School Unit at Lamb setts Nursery

Lamb Setts Montessori Nursery

26-28 Chapel Street, Mosborough,Sheffield S20 5BT c/o Christ Church C of E School, Tapton View Road, Chesterfield S41 7JU
T: 0114 2486960T: 01246 520400

School Unit at Lamb Setts

Our Montessori classroom is an environment prepared with child-sized furniture, an array of learning materials on shelves and children are free to move about while pursuing self-chosen activities working individually or in small groups.

The school has three classrooms; the creative room, the language room and the Montessori room. Between these three rooms the nursery school has all the materials necessary to enable the children to progress in the three prime areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language 
  • Physical development

and 4 specific areas:

  • Knowledge of the World
  • Expressive arts and design
  • Mathematics
  • Literacy

The school is a place where children can feel happy and secure. They are given freedom of choice to build confidence and a positive self-image. They learn about the world and their position in it. The most important feature of our school is that every child is valued as an individual and given the utmost respect.

The curriculum and planning are overseen by a qualified Montessori Teacher and Early Years Professional.


A child’s first school experience has a great influence on future feelings and attitudes towards the whole learning process. Lifelong patterns developed in this period include:

  • An organised approach to academic skills and problem solving.
  • The development of independence, self-discipline and self-esteem.
  • Social development including consideration and respect for others.

Our Montessori School will provide guidance and information so that parents will gain an understanding of the Montessori method and it’s aims. Communication between parents and the school is of utmost importance so that the role of the school and home become inter-linked. The Montessori method of education is unique and awe-inspiring. It is more than education, it is a whole new attitude towards the role of the child and his/her potential. Maria Montessori observed, enjoyed and, most importantly, respected the merits and individuality of all children. She devoted her life to devising a method of education centred on the child so that children would enjoy discovering themselves, the world about them and their contribution and position within it.





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