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Lamb Setts Montessori Nursery

26-28 Chapel Street, Mosborough,Sheffield S20 5BT c/o Christ Church C of E School, Tapton View Road, Chesterfield S41 7JU
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Behaviour Policy


1. To achieve a calm, pleasant atmosphere at all times where children are happy and respected.



Incorporating the Montessori principles, the children will be given structured freedom to enable them to achieve self-discipline.


This discipline is representative of the underlying approach of our Montessori Nursery and is the only form of discipline we feel has any long-standing or true value.

This concept will be explained to parents in detail prior to their child attending and we will work with them to achieve this.

This system does not punish or reward children but allows them to seek their own personal, internal reward for their achievements.

 We will liaise with parents and give individual attention rather than punishment to any child displaying unacceptable behaviour towards himself, other children , staff members or the environment.

The Montessori principles respect the individual child and through this example the child learns to respect himself, others, the materials within the classroom and his environment.

The Montessori concept of freedom and respect is explained on the information sheet entitled, "Why Montessori ?".

As we try to encourage a positive self image at all times the word 'naughty' is not used at Lamb Setts. The child is always referred to in a positive way, pointing out appropriate behaviour and ignoring inappropriate behaviour wherever possible.

If it is not practical to ignore unwanted behaviour because it is either dangerous or disruptive then the staff will explain to the child why it is not acceptable. The staff will refer to the behaviour as 'silly' rather than the child.

For example, if a child was breaking a toy the teacher might say ' Sally, I know that you can be a very sensible girl but breaking the toys is very silly. If all the toys get broken then there won't be anything left to play with.'


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